Alejandro Ley

Biography Overview

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Alejandro was raised in Miami, Florida since 1993 where he attended American Senior High School.  After, he attended Florida International University where he majored and earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

His passion for defending the accused and oppressed affected and embroiled in the criminal justice system propelled him to attend Nova Southeastern University College of Law. Immediately after graduating from law school and becoming licensed in Florida, Alejandro proudly served as a Broward County Public Defender. Long nights, heavy caseloads and zealous defense was the noble, daily routine at the Public Defender's office, where he successfully defended hundreds of clients, from those charged with second degree misdemeanors to clients facing second degree felony charges. 

After spending more than a year at the Public Defender's office, Alejandro was recruited for employment at the largest established ticket defense law firm in the state.  While at the Ticket Clinic, he specialized in defending individuals for driving under the influence (DUI) on both the administrative proceeding and criminal action.   He also mastered how to successfully defend traffic citations and was trained by renowned experts in this area.  As a former Public Defender, Alejandro maintains the ideal principle and belief that legal representation should be afforded to everyone, and strives to dedicate his practice and profession to providing affordable, outstanding legal services.

Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law
BCBA, Broward County Bar Admissions
Former Broward Public Defender